Everyone who has the desire to play guitar dreams of being part of the wonderful world of music. Perhaps your goal is just having fun jamming with friends or even taking it to the next level as a serious music student or becoming a professional musician. My holistic method of teaching and my vast years of experience can help you with not only the technical aspects of learning the guitar but, more importantly, the psychological challenges. Also my guitar music library is undoubtedly the largest you will find anywhere.

Learn the music of your favorite band or artist, read tablature, power chord styles, and pentatonic and blues soloing.

Develop your improvisational skills, music theory, chord melody playing, sight reading, advanced chording and comping styles.

Improve your flat picking techniques, different rhythm strum patterns, and Harmonics [open and fingered].

Enhance your right hand technique, learn tremelo ability, upgrade tone quality, develop interpretation skills, nail development, stage presence and help with performance anxiety.